Fortizza Road

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday (incl. Public Holidays)

11AM - 10.30PM


73, Birkirkara Road

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday (incl. Public Holidays)

11AM - 10.30PM


Frequently Asked Questions by our customers!


Food Allergies

Payments & Refund


What are your delivery times?

We deliver from 11.30am to 3pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we deliver from 11.30am-10.30pm.

What is the minimum order value for free delivery?

Our minimum order value for free delivery is that of €10. Some localities also have a higher minimum order value depending on the distance between our outlet and the given locality. For more info kindly have a look at our delivery guide.

How may I pre-book my order?

The best would be to call one of our outlets to pre- book your order.

Do you offer Gluten Free options?

Of course! You can order any 12 inch thin crust pizza with a gluten free base, however, they are not suitable for celiacs due to possible cross contamination within our ovens.

Do you offer dairy-free options?

Yes we do! Try our vegan cheese on any of our pizzas and simply add €1 for any 12 inch pizza and €1.80 for any 16 inch pizza.

Does your dough contain eggs or milk?

No it does not.

Does your pizza sauce contain any herbs?

Yes it does, however, we do not sprinkle any oregano on top of our pizzas.

Do you offer vegan pizzas?

Yes we do.

I paid online but I haven't received a confirmation of the order and payment. What should I do?

If the money has been deducted from your account, kindly call the outlet you ordered from and confirm your order. If you would like to cancel your order, kindly advise one of our staff members and you will be refunded within three working days following your order.

Can I pay by card upon delivery?

Yes you can, kindly inform one of our staff members that you would like to pay by card and we will supply our driver with a card machine.

Do you accept Revolut?

We do not accept Revolut, but we accept all major credit cards.

I've had the best food of my life, how can I share this to the world?

We'd love to see you eating our tasty food and sharing it on our Facebook page.

Can I have half and half pizza?

Yes, but only when ordering a 16" pizza.

I'm not that satisfied, who do I tell?

Kindly message us through our Facebook page or send an e mail to theovenpizzeria@gmail.com.

Didn't find what you are looking for?

Kindly enter your details and your message here or send us a message on or Facebook page.


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